Aero Diversified Services values our workforce. We take pride in knowing that each one of our staff members was hand-selected for their skills and industry know-how. This selection criteria doesn’t just apply to our internal staff – it applies to the labor force we hire for our clients in the field as well.


Our skills stem from and are enhanced by our workforce's diversity - Aero is able to offer Diversified Services because of our team's backgrounds.

Our skills stem from (and are enhanced by) our workforce’s diversity – Aero is able to offer “Diversified Services” because of our team’s backgrounds.

Our company and the services we offer to our clients is Diverse because our employees are diverse!



So why work for Aero? Since we expect the best out of our employees, we give the best back!

At ADS, we believe that you work for a whole lot more than your paycheck – you’re working for job security, health benefits, retirement packages, bonuses and commissions, continued education and field training, etc. –  we provide dedicated and competent employees opportunities to achieve those incentives and so much more!

All employees (both internal and external) have access to the following benefits while employed with Aero:


  • Industry Competitive Wages

– Competitive Hourly Rates, Salary Packages, Commissions, Performance Bonuses, Program-specific Spiffs and Incentives (all options vary based upon assignment, position, and client)

  • Internal and External Benefits

– Both internal (ADS corporate staff members) and external (ADS employees on assignment with our clients) are made available a set of health and supplemental insurance benefits through an A-rated insurance carrier. Employees may procure coverage at either an individual cost or at a group cost, depending upon their employment status with ADS. Speak with your recruiter for more information on our benefits structure and how it will apply to you.

  • Equal Opportunity Advancement Opportunities

– External temp roles may evolve into higher-paying roles through hard-work and skill with potential for permanent placement with our clients; internal roles may grow into management opportunities for dedicated and resourceful employees, etc. Everyone has opportunities in front of them waiting to be chased! As our company grows, we’ll need you to grow too!

  • Flexible Schedules

– Our clients have varying needs which creates various opportunities for scheduling! Speak with your recruiter for more information regarding shifts and upcoming schedule opportunities.

  • On-the-Job Training

– Continued training opportunities from team leads and management staff during the performance of your job duties. Get paid to learn your trade and develop your skills real-time while advancing your career.


There are many opportunities available to you when considering joining Aero Diversified Services. Contact us for more information!