Our Story

      Aero Diversified Services (ADS) is a national full-service staffing firm created in response to the industry’s need to have a staffing service that truly cares about their clients – one that treats their customers like equal partners rather than just dollar signs. Founded in Michigan in 2006, Aero has since grown to comprise over 50 sites in multiple states in the eastern half of the country – and we’re still growing!


Aero has current operations in over 50% of the entire continental United States!


Gathering over 100 years of cumulative experience from its expert staff, ADS is a benchmark-setting industry leader in Logistics, Operations Management, and Warehouse staffing, focused on getting the job done right the first time with both efficiency and quality at the forefront of our focus. At ADS, we strive to deliver the dedicated support our clients count on – 24/7/365 (we’d do more if we could, trust us!) and we take pride in backing up our dedication to the support of our partners.


In short, we’re full of Diverse Staffing Experience You Can Trust!

Our versatile and knowledgeable team is ready to handle your business needs – are you ready to gain an invaluable partner that saves your business both time and money? Read up on What We Do for more information on how our experience can improve your business!